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So the airport scene in this clip and the tremendous last few seconds as Bartlet accepts the Democratic nomination are some of The West Wing’s finest material.

But then look in the background at 1:54 as Donna is about to tell Josh the bad news.

Look at Sam and C.J. They are doing the robot.

Do the robot.

I never noticed this before.

And now I will never be able to un-see it.

They are such nerds. It’s beautiful.

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The Newsroom Rewatch: 1x03 - The 112th Congress

"You could give Mac a break and have the women meet you at the restaurant."

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at the world premiere of ‘Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil’ at THEhotel at Mandalay Bay on June 29, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Today in weird trades: Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers may have led his team to a ton of success over the past nine years, but as a rebuilding period lingered, it was clear he was raring to go. The L.A. Clippers were interested, even. One problem: Rivers was still under contract. Solution? He’s essentially getting traded for a draft pick, a rare move for a coach. The crazy part? They wanted to trade him along with star player Kevin Garnett, but that deal got nixed.

When I think about the work retreat and the people that I will be with all day


I’m like:


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Your Westen Conference Champions! #GoSpursGo


So I was on my wanelo app and I saw this and thought of grey street 😊 “but all the colors mix together to grey” #dmb #greystreet #dmbfamily #wanelo by dmb_lover12

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