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Today in weird trades: Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers may have led his team to a ton of success over the past nine years, but as a rebuilding period lingered, it was clear he was raring to go. The L.A. Clippers were interested, even. One problem: Rivers was still under contract. Solution? He’s essentially getting traded for a draft pick, a rare move for a coach. The crazy part? They wanted to trade him along with star player Kevin Garnett, but that deal got nixed.

When I think about the work retreat and the people that I will be with all day


I’m like:


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Your Westen Conference Champions! #GoSpursGo


So I was on my wanelo app and I saw this and thought of grey street 😊 “but all the colors mix together to grey” #dmb #greystreet #dmbfamily #wanelo by dmb_lover12


top ten tww ships (as voted by my followers)

08. cj cregg & danny concannon (6/33 votes)

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“I want us to talk because I like the sound of your voice.”

Ugh, this guy gets it.  Swoon.  Thank you for this, West Wing.

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just a reminder that this is the most adorable first kiss in the history of otps ever

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